Discover Emmaus Retreat Program

The Emmaus retreat program is a diocesan-approved retreat weekend that takes place three times a year. It's open to all men and women ages 20 or older seeking to grow in their relationship with Christ regardless of their present level of faith and practice. The purpose of the weekend is to give adults the opportunity to reflect upon themselves, their relationship with God and their community.

Emmaus is a Catholic retreat program that is open to people of all Christian faiths. It provides its participants the opportunity to reconnect with what matters and share their faith journeys in a loving community. Time is set aside for personal reflection on one's life, one's world and one's God.

To date, over 3000 men and women have begun, renewed or deepened their faith in Jesus Christ through the Emmaus retreat program.

We want to extend a heartfelt invitation to you to join us on our next Emmaus weekend. You’ll be welcomed by a loving community of individuals who are committed to helping people from all walks of life experience the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

Each retreat weekend is all about discovery. You'll realize how Christ is truly active in your life, how special and unique you are to others, and how those around you need your unique talents and gifts. Throughout the weekend, you'll build valuable relationships through friendship, encouragement, prayer and the awesome power of God.

A Reflection on the Emmaus Retreat Experience:

Choosing to make an Emmaus retreat, and then to accept the invitation to serve on Team 169 was SUCH a great decision, and has brought numerous blessings and new Christian friendships to my life. After I made my Emmaus, I was asked to write a short blurb for the 4th Day Newsletter and I’d like to share it with you all:

I've been doing youth ministry for around 7 years. I've lead countless retreats… Any retreat I walk into I can predict the flow of the retreat after the first couple talks. This was the type of attitude I had before attending Emmaus 166 November 12-14. I was asked to make an Emmaus retreat about 2 years ago after my best friend experienced an Emmaus in February 2008. However, being a part time youth minister and a full time teacher, it's hard to find a weekend to just drop it all, retreat, and let God speak to you. I'm constantly planning and executing things that develop the faith of teens, and somewhere along the line my faith became like a job to me, something I did because I love my faith and sharing it. Don't get me wrong, I pray daily, I read scripture, and I try to attend daily Mass when I can, but somewhere along my journey I became stagnant. Soon after the first talk, when I had already started my predictions of what talks were coming up next, I made myself shut up and experience the retreat. Emmaus changed me, once I decided to stop predicting the retreat and became open to what the team members were proclaiming. I went into small groups asking God to speak to me through my leaders or fellow candidates, and as always when you ask, you shall receive. I felt God speaking to me strongest Saturday with the Sacrament of Reconciliation as well as during the time of Adoration. From Emmaus I regained my faith back. I made the commitment to myself that my faith needs to be in constant development, and that can be done as I continue to minister to teens. God knew I needed Emmaus at the time I went, He always did, it was His plan from the beginning of time. And since I was open to experiencing Emmaus 166, I’m Alive Again!